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About Us

Its about creating memories that lasts a lifetime.

Created by a surfer and ocean lover, the sustainability of our product is very important to us. This is why the majority of our swimwear line is made with recycled fabrics that are regenerated from ocean waste such as fishing nets, plastic bottles and other nylon debries . The regenerated nylon that we use is not only a solution on waste, but is also better when it comes to climate change. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon of up to 80% compared with other materials. 

As ocean addicts and residents of a country that is surrounded by the most beautiful waters and sea life, our goal is to create beautiful, practical & high quality pieces in a way that is harmless to wildlife and our planet.

Our Founder
Felicity swimwear was created by Marie Donaldson, a French Canadian surfer who had a dream of living in a place and having a job that felt like she didn't need any vacation from. Marie was stuck in a concrete jungle for the duration of her studies. She studied fashion marketing in college before moving to Costa Rica. Spending countless hours per day surfing and wearing a bikini, she had the idea of starting a sustainable swimwear line that would not only help solve the polution of our waters and beaches but also make women feel confident and sexy while still being able to surf and be active. And therefore, this is when felicity was born, in June 2019.

How we are Made
The Majority of our swimwear is made with recycled fabric, which is a recycled fabric regenerated from ocean waste; plastic bottles and other plastic and nylon debris. Our fabric is made in Italy and then shipped to Costa Rica as felicity swimwear is made here, locally. Moreover, throughout our whole production process we try to use the least amount of plastic and harmful chemicals as possible. Thus, why our tags, labels, hygienic liners and packaging are plastic free.